Download – A Westgate Family Vision


To Darryl and Joann Terry who continue to be great parents and to Jim and Doris Reynolds who are no longer with us but have left a legacy that continues to shape our lives for Christ.

Angie and I say that we were raised in the same home in different states. You guys raised us with so much love and grace and discipline. It has left a legacy in our lives.

We will pass it on. There will be a Terry on the last day.

Understanding This Book

There are many books on this subject that deal with problems and difficulties with child-raising. Few, however, help you set a vision for your family and give you ways to meet the goals God wants for you. It is my hope and prayer that this resource can be just that.

This booklet correlates with the teaching done during the “My House” series by Pastor Dwayne at Westgate Church from September 30 to October 28 of 2012. The material should be supplemented and understood with the messages from those weeks. The “My House” series is located at

The first set of chapters is entitled, “A Family Vision.” There are two chapters in this section. It provides a broad overview of creating a family vision statement and a family crest.

The best course of action is to read through all the material once before answering the questions. There will be things you learn as you read through everything that will better equip you to answer the questions.

The second set is entitled, “Evaluations” and contains only one chapter with three sections. This chapter will help you think about what you do and how you do it in light of God’s Word and the vision He has given you.

The third set of chapters is entitled, “Parenting With Vision” and helps a parent create a vision for what a child can become and provides benchmarks to achieve God’s goals for your family. It provides ideas for training your child at various stages of life. You can easily locate various sections that correspond to the season of life you are facing with your child.

The parenting portion of the material takes the unique perspective of starting at the end result that you desire as a parent and backing up from there. Instead of starting at the time a child is born, the approach begins with the desired result so that God’s vision can be clear. Then, the material backs up from there to the time they are born.

The final set of chapters is entitled, “Major Issues”. There are a couple of issues regarding parenting that often impact a parent’s hopes at reaching their goals. One is the educational choices they make and the other is how involved the grandparents will be.


“He [God] was seeking godly offspring.” – Malachi 2:15 God is seeking godly offspring from a Christian couple. The fact that you are a Christian and have kids is a sign that God has a plan for your family to serve Him generation after generation.

In the middle of a godless age, God sought godly offspring through Abraham. God told Abraham He would form a family that would belong to Him. Abraham believed God, and today all of us who believe are part of that family. God gave Abraham a vision that would take four generations to fulfill. And that’s the same sort of vision God wants for the Christian family. A God Vision takes place over multiple generations. It is never fulfilled in just one lifetime. God is the one doing the work in the family and through the family. It is the Christian parent’s responsibility to believe God and His Word over the long haul of raising their kids. Keep applying His Word and remain consistent in the belief of it throughout your lifetime. This sort of enduring faith will bring about a legacy that endures through multiple generations.

And this family vision is needed right now. The day in and day out disciplining, training, correcting and all the rest of the chores with child-raising can cause the most dedicated Christian to lose sight of why you are doing what you are doing.

It will be the long-term commitment that a person makes to God and to each other that will help him or her see beyond today and trust God’s promises. The first step is to create a vision statement and a family crest that reflects a vision like Abraham’s; a vision that was birthed in God’s heart for your family.