There are many ways to connect to the life and mission of Westgate Church. We invite you to discover the joy and benefits of Christian community, going deeper in your faith and serving others by partnering with us on our mission.


Find is a series of classes that introduce you to Westgate Church, instructs you on how to become a more devoted follower of Christ, and helps you discover more about your own personality and potential.

FIND is offered each month with 3 separate sessions lasting about an hour each. Childcare is provided.

Contact us at if you are interested in being a part of the next FIND class.


Life Groups

Why Life Groups?
We encourage everyone to be actively involved in at least one group. Why you say? Well there’s lots of reasons, but the two most important are: it’s the best way for you to experience the type of Christian community that will enable you to grow deeper in your faith and it makes you more effective reaching others for Jesus. We could write a ten-page paper on the subject, but we don’t want to do that and you won’t read it, so take our word for it… it’s good.

What’s available?
We offer several types of groups with unique purposes. Find one that interests you and Join A Group today!



We offer lots of ways to serve.

Locally in the church
As you go through our FIND classes, we can connect you to serve on the Dream Team.

Locally in the community
This is mostly done through our outreach Life Groups and special events we announce during our services.

Foreign Missions
We partner with several organizations to financially support foreign missions work. We also offer short-term missions trips through one of the organizations. Contact us at to find out more.