The Basics

Dwayne Terry is the Lead Pastor of Westgate Church. Dwayne has been married to Angie since 1989 and they have 2 teenage sons, Luke and Joshua. They live in Douglasville, GA.


Dwayne has been a professing Christian since he was 11 years old and he has been in full time ministry since 1989. He has been Lead Pastor for the last 10 of those years. He planted Westgate in 2010 with a vision to reach the community in a culture that is both creative and racially diverse. He has a heart for missions both at home and abroad.

A Strong Passion for the Family

Dwayne and and Angie have developed a strong ministry to families through the years, passionately teaching commitment to marriage and family. They have helped many couples turn their lives around and have been instrumental in helping families raise their kids to be Christians. They believe in God’s Covenant with the Christian home and family.

How Dwayne Rolls

Dwayne has had the opportunity to speak in Asia and in Central America, but loves being a Pastor. He loves music, movies and sports. He has written musicals and dinner theaters and loves the creative process. He also enjoys making videos and creates them for the church and for his family. Here are a few things Dwayne considers his favorites:

  • Movie: The Bourne series
  • Book: Mere Christianity
  • Food: Fettuccini alfredo with chicken
  • Drink: Diet Coke
  • Thing to do: Go somewhere he’s never been
  • Musical artists: Kirk Franklin, Hillsong, Harry Connick Jr. (at Christmas) and Hanna Montana (jk)
  • Time of the year: Christmas
  • Scripture: John 17:26
  • Restaurant: Japanese Steakhouse

How Angie Rolls

Angie is spunky and full of life. She loves kids and enjoys ministering to the women of Westgate. She is definitely not a typical Pastor’s wife. Her humor and zest for life is contagious. But she is also very down to earth and genuine. Here are a few things Angie considers her favorites:

  • Food: Anything chocolate
  • Donut: Krispy Kreme
  • Dessert: Brownies
  • Ice Cream: Vanilla with lots and lots of chocolate syrup
  • See a pattern here?
  • Time of the year: Fall
  • Thing to do: Spend time with her family and friends
  • Scriptures: Zephaniah 3:17 & Psalm 46:10
  • Toothpaste: Crest
  • Dog: Welsh Corgi